Sunday, November 19, 2006


thank you to youse guys who commented on my last entry. change has to stare at me while acting like a coatrack for quite a while before i can even begin to consider it. when it comes and bites me in the butt, i donta likey it one bit. thank you for the words, peopleypeople.

i have to admit that amy sedaris' book i like you: hospitality under the influence really hit me in the right place last night. that woman is freakalicious.

anyway, i actually got off my butt and finished two scarves and threw them up on my site for shits&giggles. who knows? maybe, i can start selling my knitwares on the side.


deb said...

i would like to put first dibs on the green lovely.
the landscaper thinks it will accentuate her chinese boxwoods.

fiwa said...

Very purty, and it's already snapped up!

You sound like you're feeling a little better now; I'm so glad.

turkey lovins,