Wednesday, October 04, 2006

grey ghost

there are some mornings that you are just not ready for this.

teenager trying to find her cell phone in her grandma's brandnew convertible and the demise of our grey ghost who was parked, minding his own business. (this truck built our garden with me. every ton of riverrock, mulch & dirt was carried on his back.)

thankfully, page was still home and was able to wrench the driver's door open to get her out. "no! no! no! don't pull it hard. you might break it!" she said before she got out to see what broken really looks like.

thankfully, there were no injuries at all. if she had hit the front of the truck, she would definitely be hurting today. it was morning time. kids walk to the schoolbus. lives were spared.


deb said...

omg...I am so glad everyone is ok.
poor grey ghost! just minding his own business and wham!

cell phones & teenagers......arhhhhhh....

Anne said...

Oh Dawn... your poor faithful truck. Bet that girl is bumming now (as she should be)!

fiwa said...

I can't manage to pick my jaw back up off the floor! My lord.
I'm so glad that none of you were hurt. So many things to be thankful for - you are all ok and she didn't hit anyone else in the process.

Hopefully she grew up a little bit as well.

Anonymous said...

WOW.. glad everyone's ok

god i miss you
sending healing good vibes
to all

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks! Finding another truck equal to the grey ghost will be fun but it will never be the same.
I hope there are some monetary consequences for her so she might learn a lesson.
Alas here the car gets wrecked the kid has a new one the next day.
Gee I would have been walking until I could buy my own.
Glad that no one was hurt.


Scheherazaad said...

Glad no one was hurt. While on the way to pick up my kids after school one day I got slammed into on the passenger side by a woman (adult) on her cell phone. All I could think of was that I was so glad that the kids were not in the car yet.