Saturday, September 09, 2006

a sixer and two quarters

it is a shame when you stumble on an estate sale ON YOUR STREET on the second day, but it is truly wonderful to find sumthin like this for $6.25 (50% off original price!) ...

once we got it home, we started to clean it and discovered that the puttycoloured paint was latex, so we scrubbed the paint off and have the perfect addition to our kitchen.

okay, so i have a tea thang and per page, "it is coming out of the yingyang", but dang, what a perfect official teaspot this is. the oriental tin was $2 and now holds my gunpowder tea.

oh, and the signage was found at a 9am estate sale for one quarter (before the aforementioned estate sale opened), so this corner was cozied for $6.50, plus some elbow grease.


fiwa said...

Well, I WOULD tease you about missing it on the first day, but it was obviously meant to be! What a score! It fits there perfectly, and now you have some prep space by your stove. I didn't know you had a tea thang - what's your favorite? PS, I am lusting over that silver jar with the clover on the front.

Anonymous said...

Ok Dawn so where are the PG Tips? :) Good Find.

Sae Faeri En said...

As always: your design vision is flawless.

nikkipolani said...

LOVE that gunmetalgrey and the compartments are just perfect.

dawn said...

fiwa, i found that masonjar years ago in new hampshire & have yet to come across another like it.

pgtips are in one of the boxes! what would we do without world market?

G. thank you, is yours, babe.

anne, the compartments send me to the moon. :)