Tuesday, September 05, 2006

'scuse me while i kiss the sky

don't faint ---but it rained last night. a really good rain, the kind that brought out lula mae (our resident opossum) to climb the trellis at our window to get out of the storm. we both looked at each other through the blinds and said 'hellz yeah!'

oh, and get this, the forecast is enough to make me fire up the kettle and promise a stellar teaparty when the kids get home.

the summer is so old and if this is how life post-laborday wants to act, honey, i will gladly pack up the white shoes until spring.

so, 'scuse me while i kiss the sky.


nikkipolani said...

I AM SO JEALOUS! We were promised some rain from a Mexican storm somewhere. And we were cheated! Kiss the sky for me, too :-)

deb said...


it is lovely here as well...doors open (swatting mosquito), light rain and curious neighbors all creepin' into my office.
i share your delight.

the french cat said...

may i come to yous tea pahtay?.. but may i pleeze wear my white havaianas? i will be wearing these things come winter,with my thigh high socks, of course!

dawn said...

anne, we were long past due for rain.

deb, we texans know how to embrace cooler weather, huh?

tipper, i can't wait to see you in thighhighs & flipflops with a cuppa in one hand & shivers in the other.
dang girl, are you revertin' back to east texas on me?

Anonymous said...

Ah send some rain this way, at this rate we won't see any until the next rainy season in January and we DO rain here. :(

On the other hand I'm happy to see 60s and 80s this week. :) Good luck on those deadlines.


fiwa said...

I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet! It just started a week ago! *Sob*

I will gladly send our rain to anyone who wants it.

PS - I love that you have gumballs in your vitamin bowl. You're such a ray of sunshine. :)

jackie_o said...

Well we've had quite our share of rain in this neck of the woods...
It's turning colder. I hate to see summer go and I really hate the shorter days but there are things I love.
Putting the down comforter back on the bed, sweater weather, changing leaves.
At this time of year I can still feel the excitement I used to at the thought of a new school year. Maybe this year I'd be cute. Maybe this year I'd have a boyfriend! Looking at the September Vogue and wanting a really cool new plaid outfit that looks gorgeous on that skinny model, but would look ridiculous on me.
I still have that recurring dream at this time of year. The one where I've lost my schedule and I'm wandering the halls. Classes have started and I have no idea where to go. Followed of course by the its the end of the semester and I never went to any of the classes and now what do I do? dream lol.
Sorry, I'm rambling.

dawn said...

susanna, i will surely any excess your way.

fiwa, but look what you have up there!

jackie, i did the same thing & actually remember whitney houston as a pure angel back in seventeen, b.c. (before crackwhoredom)!