Thursday, August 10, 2006

a touch of the junque-itis

sadly, penicillin doesn't even begin to fix this.

i hit an estate sale with sage. truly, it is one level of joy to scavenge with your soulmate, but with one of your kids who used to hate it? come on now, THIS is what dreams are made of.

the house didn't have any garage stuff or layers&layers of belongings…but i still managed to find a few jewels with two vintage domino sets for our gamenights, a 1956 (the year our house was built!) book of chinese proverbs, some chandelier chrystals, a funky vintage necklace, a set of vintage placemats, this rockyourworldwithyourbootson pipecleaner ball and some circuscircus sets of cards to send off with sage next week to the dorm for latenight poker games.

school starts on monday and thecrazydanceschedule started last night. the only thing left of summer is the heat. i am so not ready to give up the kids... besides the fivehundred&one glasses on the counter each day, i am going to miss them so much. this afternoon is our babygirl's junior high orientation. her first locker, first schedule with rotating classes, first supply list ever that didn't have crayons on it...gah! this compounded with getting the first ever college tuition bill could make a girl play merle haggard & chase it with ol' hank. one in jr. high, one in highschool & now one in university.

yesterday, i had a long letter from one of my dearest friends who is on this side of a year from hell. she & her two young children have been so heavy on my heart. girl, i dedicate this day to you and the bravery that only a woman possesses.


pam said...

Oh Dawn I feel for you! Your baby girl is your last baby too! I know you are happy for her as she moves into an exciting new world but I do understand what you are saying.
(I guess all those comments go for Sage too) Its different over here as it is very rare for our kids to go away from home for university.I will be thinking of you on monday.
cheers pam (yq)

dawn said...

it is such a transition, isn't it?

she walked through the halls thursday night with such confidence. the only thing that kicked her butt was a moody lock on her locker. :)

Carrie said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for dropping me a note to let me know you moved. I tried mailing you back, but the mail was sent back. Server issue? Anyway, I'll make a point of swinging by here from time to time. I look forward to seeing how your website develops. You will be missed at lj.

Also, I checked out pages portfolio and was very impressed by what I saw. Does he make those chairs commercially? As in, would he be interested in selling those chairs through a garden designer? Not sure how prohibitive shipping would be for that idea, but I would be interested.

So you have it: carrie at tooptuinen dot nl

Oh, and the pipecleaner ball is gorgeous. There are worse ailments than junque-itis

fiwa said...

I hope VV kicks butt in Jr high. That's a rough age.

I love that pipe cleaner ball... maybe that's the start of a collection??

dawn said...

carrie, you are right!

fiwa, i hope it is the beginning of a collection. i have never seen anything like this one. your girl V was ready an hour early & asked 'is it too early to go?' thirty minutes before is cool, an entire hour before is pure dork.

Scheherazaad said...

That pipe cleaner ball is so cool. I've never seen anything like it.

You guys start school so early!! Nothing doing here until September. Then my baby girl starts her first year in University, but she is staying at home. Baby boy will be in grade 11. This is the first year that he is taller than me. He stands beside me every day just to check that it's real.

fiwa said...

How did V's first day go??

dawn said...

sharon, i had forgotten how close in age our kids are.
boothe is taller than me, too...isn't it bizarre? what is your daughter studying?

fiwa, she had a great day...loved all of her teachers & no locker fiasco. all of those years of picking up her brothers from school, it was surreal to see her walk out of it.

Scheherazaad said...

Baby girl seems to be majoring in how to keep her social life intact. She asks questions like: "Which courses are easy?"; Which course has no exams or essays?". Officially she is enrolled in political science. She wants to be an elementary school teacher, but here you need an undergraduate degree before you can go to take a Bachelor of Ed.
She is attending the same university that I did, but a different campus.

My son is attending the same high school as me. That's surreal.