Saturday, July 22, 2006

merle haggard & a piece of glass

(merle, i love you. don't get a big head, but just so you know. oh, you & jimmy dean.)

sage & i went thriftin' earlier & i found this wonderful piece of glass. first of all, i thrift just to confirm i am not missing anything and the goal is to walk out with nothing, but this glass had a neon light over it that said 'pick me up. i am easy!' and i turned it over and a folkangel and a crown kissed me.

fortyfive cents later, it is staying in the studio...we can both sit here and pray for rain.


fiwa said...

I love it! You're all set, a glass and an ice bucket!

My goal is to find that one special treasure that I know was put there just for me - like your angel was for you.

Why is other people's stuff so fascinating?

debora said...

what is it exactly??????

dawn said...

fiwa, i think it is an act of saving it & regiving it value...i hope your treasure finds you this week.

dawn said...

debora, this is the glass. isn't that etched stripe beautiful?

deb said...

oh wow. i just followed the link.
that is the glass??!!!

what a great find!