Thursday, July 13, 2006

in my element

well, vv & i were #17 & #18 at the estate sale early this morning. i bought loads...this was really a fantastic one. san antonio is special in the regard of our military bases. people travel all over the world and then settle down here & later keel over and leave their lovely worldly treasures for us scavengers to paw over. our neighborhood (circa 1950s) still has alot of the original homeowners still kicking around and i love getting into their drawers.

these are some of my favorites of the day:

$3.50...this planter is faboo. i will plant a succulent in it tonight.

$3... this is perfect for my studio! i need an icebucket of my very own.

$1/set of four napkins with a baby presumo wrestler on them

$1...i couldn't pass this up. i don't need another tray, but they are easy to hide away.

$1.50... vintage firstaid kit packed with original boxes of gauze & mediciney stuff (which is very cool on their own!) i am gonna clean it out & repack it with fresh stuff for my car.

also, i bought sage a vintage trunk for his dormroom & a bamboo breakfastinbed table for vv's room. ooh, and i put a bid in for three handwatercolored prints of freahnchy street scenes and just won them for $15. below is one of them. (they are beautifully framed & ready to hang.)

oh, and i bought a huge stockpot (the size of maine) for $5.50. i didn't find one thing for boothe but i was looking for vintage threads for him. oh, and i bought a hammered bronze huge jardiniere for $7.50. i have always wanted some goldfish and this will be perfect as a fishpot. it has lionheads on each side with rings coming out of their noses.

oh, and one more thing. i found page a vintage knife holder. ours is too newlooking & it drives us crazy. this one looks like something julia child would have had in her kitchen.

okay, that was my junque fix for at least five days.

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