Saturday, May 13, 2006


key lime marmalade

okay,you cannot imagine my glee when i found this on thursday at central market. CM is the closest that the goodcity of san antonio gets to dean&deluca and in all fairness, i like it just as much.

so, i have a preserves & marmalade thang. maybe it is the jar mileage. rose's (okay, so i have a rose thang, too!) is what i think of when i think of my grandmother's house. this was my favorite thing on her breakfast table. it isn't sickeningsweet but just perfectly right.

i used to find it when we lived in brooklyn, but when i found it on thursday, i almost cried. i bought the last two jars and was very proud of myself for not climbing up an aisle of jelly jars to get them. come on now, i am not a dumbass twice. i let a dude take the risk.

speaking of jar mileage, i have a thang for bonne maman preserves. the jars & their ginghamed lids are my favorite.

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