Friday, May 12, 2006

another one bites the dust

i am bonetired, but another deadline bit the dust a few minutes ago...yipyip!

this week:
1) real windows were ordered for my new studio
2) senior ceremony on tuesday
3) 5th grade swim party chaperoned yesterday
4) cakes baked for sons' welding class party
5) and worked all week. i can't wait to putz in the garden this weekend.

one more day of sanding is due in the studio and then painting is projected for next weekend. the last day of school is may 25th and that is our goal to have it finished.
three kids home=need for a real door to shut
finally, after all of these years!

now, off to tidy up the house before my husband gets home from a week of travel,make the sugar syrup for mojitos & shake my moneymaker.

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