Friday, July 05, 2013

utilitarian femininity

well, i finished the studio two nights ago. the only thing left to do is customfit a strip of polygal on the side of the toolshed and hang the business hammock.

once i hung up the antique horseshoe, i noticed the old signature on the doorframe. so love this bit of past.
the great thing about this rehab was that i had recycled and upcycled all of the materials that i had been saving. the old roof became interior cladding. the wood from the exterior back wall became the interior wall. the old garage door became the toolshed enclosure and the one of the old walls became my new worktable.
for years, i have been terrified of circular saws. fingers are not overrated and i kept it as such. when i set out to enclose the toolshed area, i knew that my trusty little jigsaw would not cut it and so i pulled on my handygirl pants and bought a saw. can i tell you that building the enclosed toolshed myself was the highlight of my summer? after framing it out, i recycled the old garage door to enclose it. making a curtain out of an old dropcloth that i had gives it just enough utilitarian femininity.

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Sis said...

You are my hero! Your creative eye is just the right combination of fun and functional.