Sunday, January 13, 2013

is to order


get different class keys
prep the garden for rain

brainstorm solutions for pigproofing kitchen garden
clean the laundrette
get books for classes
reorganize garage
reorder bedroom

look for a dresser
finish syllabi and print
superprep for classes
order pantry
work in studio (more doable than finish studio)
start organizing taxes (yes, it is that time)
organize desktop and drive that haven't been organized since last january (virtual clean is still clean)

it seems the best way to kiss a new semester is to order your home and life. all of this orderin' made me think of collecting my week by image.
if anyone has a brilliant idea for pigproofing a kitchen garden, please hook a sista up.

1 comment:

by BUN said...

your photos look really cool. lovin' your super productive 'to do list' action you've got going on too!