Tuesday, December 04, 2012

serifa, frutiger and some panky pank

happy glittered
serifa and frutiger
frenchfold construction for cheap and easy results
simple binding

this year, i decided to make a little book for our holiday card. maybe, it was too much sugar or the book design class that i taught this semester, but i forged ahead with the idea.

this little card/book has made me selfish, though. you ain't getting one unless you sent me a card last year. if you didn't mind not sending me one last year, you don't mind not getting one from me this year. haha. (not really) (not really on the haha and really on not getting a card.)

the book is set in serifa and consists of three pink paper folios with a total of eight pages. i took a positive descriptor (which most holiday letters are chocked full of) from each of our four little update pages and i mashed it with other words set in frutiger. the first page is the mashup greeting with a blank page on the back. the next four are our updates and the inside back page is blank for a handwritten greeting. the back page follows with the year and my website url.

to get the registration correct for back and front printing on a copy machine is usually impossible, so i decided to do a french-folded construction to alleviate that and pull a little fakey on the back & front action. the outside folio encases the two french-folded folios.

since i was wanted to print this as cheaply as possible, i designed four folios to a page and cut each book out with an xacto blade. so, it was cheap, but it was a bitch on the time.

the cover is sewn and then washified with a collaged word of positivity cut from a vintage book on top. each book has a different word.

i still need to finish the other half of them, but they are all glittery and girly and a nice hit of happy in celebration of Christmas and a reachout to our faraway friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeeeee! I got mine :-)
Love to you and yours, Dawn.