Monday, November 26, 2012

the new old mirror

the new old mirror

this weekend, i cleaned for no one, just for the *cheers* of having the time to clean. it was freaking awesome.

saturday, i found an old mirror and brought it home not knowing where it would go. this wall in the pantry was a clutter of cloth grocery bags. it was horrible. i wired the mirror to hang and it fits perfectly on the wall.

the mirror reflected the wreck that the pantry was in and that lead to a organizing overhaul. it seems that the mirror has stepped up the pantry a bit. it is less chokey and more pantrycrushy.

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Sis said...

One day when Jack is not so confused about (and therefore resistant to) my eclectic decorating desires, I am going to put a screen door on my pantry too. And old fashioned curtains on my pantry window. And maybe an old fashioned ivy in that window...

And when I do, I will hang a mirror on my pantry wall too. :)