Tuesday, October 02, 2012

autumn on a unicycle


the fall semester has thus far been crazybusy. it is my first long semester without stressing about graduatework and allowing time to focus on teaching and working. since may, it seems like i have been relearning how to live without the monkeyontheback of grad school.

this weekend, i found myself where i have always wanting to be–in the business of finding stuff. the fledgling aggie (she was offered early admission three weeks ago) found her old combination lock, but couldn't remember the combo. i knew that i had saved it and was able to find it in less than ninety seconds in the file that i had put it in. this may seem unimportant, but it was truly a personal best.

having an ordered life and living simply is the life that i have been longing to live. tack on this incredible autumnal weather and sunday afternoon unicycle games and you have the makings of a beautiful season.

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