Friday, June 15, 2012

the taller the hair

The taller the hair, the closer to Jesus.

last night, i went to my first auction and saw my first real-life texas big hairs. i wanted so badly to take a photo of their amazing hair, but the lighting was awful and i didn't want to get clobbered. their hair was so big and it must have been full of texas-sized secrets.

hair fascinates me.

on saturday mornings, i work at a close friend's salon. it started off as a way to pay our phone bill through grad school and it still pays the bill. i love listening to women, seeing what they have to change and why they feel a need to change it.

four years ago, i decided to stop coloring my hair to allow the glitter to shine. the maintenance and expense to color every month was one of the first things cut when school started. when the three kids were little, i had longer hair past my shoulders. i never thought much of it and never had it cut.

now, i am growing my hair out. it is uncolored with silver streaks and usually a swash of color (this month, it is azul.) which i can hide with a barrette when it is time for dry, boring grownup stuff. makes me want to grow my hair out even longer than initially planned. it also makes me want to live in paris so i can drop by for free style tips.

so, cheers to the women who inspired my photo collage above and cheers to katrina at pugly pixel for free gold stars.

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