Friday, June 22, 2012

magic elixir

dawn + vinegar

give me a mr. clean eraser and a friday night. saturday morning will find a clean house and a happy girl.

i had read about this wonder elixir on the internets and really didn't believe the hype of cleaning fixtures, cutting through grime and battling the evils of the world. so, i tried it for myself.

magic cleaning elixir

one part vinegar
one part dawn dishwashing liquid (it only works with dawn blue original formula.)

[since i reused a spray bottle, i made it one cup vinegar and one part dawn. two cups refills a sixteen-ounce bottle. (magic math. 8oz+8oz=16oz)

microwave the vinegar for two minutes. add the dishwashing liquid. stir and pour into a recycled squirt bottle.

dream team

this stuff is magic. the first time that i tried it, my son said that i looked like a methhead on a maniacal cleaning spree. i don't have any photos of the befores and afters since i was too busy oohing and aahing. this elixir cuts through soap scum, cleans toilets, cleans stainless steel better than my other stainless steel cleaners. you just have to spray and wipe.

happy cleaning!


Sis said...

Where is the 'like' button? I have been using a vinegar/baking soda mix for my toilets and am not happy with the results, so I will certainly give this a try!


Anonymous said...

This is way cool. I'm definitely going to try this.

Sis said...

I DID IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is the most awesome stuff!

XOXO to you for passing it on!