Sunday, May 20, 2012

afternoon creeper

rangoon creeper
rangoon creeper
all week, i have been waiting for the rangoon creeper to pop open. yesterday, i turned the corner and it made me catch my breath.

rangoon creeper (quisqualis indica) is a semi-tropical vine that is rumored to be an invasive, but i have never had a problem with it growing out of its spot. it freezes to the ground in the winter and comes back in the spring. i planted it here to be protected from the north wind and so far the porch is doing its job.

except for the sun that it gets from the porch, it is protected from the hot afternoon sun. the fragrance is sublime and reminds me of a fruitier plumeria. growing vines seem to add another dimension to your garden and an established grown-up girlness to your house.

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nikkipolani said...

I don't think this beauty was in bloom when I visited you. That deep red is something to behold!