Tuesday, March 27, 2012


dayglo=won't stub my to

when i bought this house, i found an old pair of DIY weights made out of pvc pipe and filled with concrete in the garage. a metal rod is set in the middle of each with an old leather handle attached. mos def, a DIYer made these before DIY was cool. since we moved in four summers ago, we had been using them as doorstops.

i walked to work on thursday and was inspired by street markings for road construction in dayglo orange. hobby lobby was out of orange, but i love this dayglo pink. friday night, i sprayed the set of weights with dayglo pink paint. hopefully, we won't trip over them anymore.

with the ping and pong of the latest revisions to my thesis, i was just turned on to wetransfer.com which is a free file server. it works for big graphic files.

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