Friday, February 03, 2012

paper corsage and a fivespot


1) thesis countdown is on. am totally up for the challenge and up to see how far i get in the next five weeks. the worst case scenario is that i graduate in august or december and the best is may.

2) usually when a woman cuts all of her hair off, she is going through crisis or metamorphosis. for six months now, i have been on a grow out phase. did you know that when you cut your hair makes a difference? this article has all of the best times for certain cuts and trims, but you will need to look on the 2012 calendar for the moon activity for this year. the full moon in earth sign months are the ultimate best for grow out.

3) we have had amazing rain in the past week and forecasted for more this week and next. the roses are thinking that spring is here and slowly starting to pop. this weekend, i hope to take a break from thesiswork and take a photo of what is blooming.

4) obviously, i hadn't seen scary yet. this clip scares me.

5) via katrina at pugly pixel, i am now devoted to the super tutorials at method&craft. when i dove into the graduate program, i knew photoshop and that was it. taking nine hours of study each semester on top of teaching and working other jobs made it hard to learn the deep tricks of adobe. it was catch as catch can with tutorials from and on youtube. method & craft is bookmarked for life.

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