Saturday, December 24, 2011

kumquats on holiday

kumquatstoday is my first day of ten days off (hands in the air and a thank You, Jesus!) no kitties wanting out or a pup pawing at the side of my bed before i woke up on my own. um, miracle.

oven is already going and i can't wait to have the kids home to celebrate Christmas. i will be digging myself out of my studio over the break and getting my new bedroom settled. my bed is in and the closet is in. the orange has to go and the primer is in the car.

may the holidays begin. i hope that you have the loveliest of what you celebrate with the ones that you love the mostest.


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nikkipolani said...

Totally jealous! Love that kumquat tree. Hope your time with the kids is really rich and chock full of good times. Had a ton of fun with my family on Friday night.