Saturday, November 05, 2011

helen ready

helen at the door

a few weeks ago, i talked about poor helen aka helen feather aka and her pitiful henpeckedness. i think helen is singing "if you're lookin' at me, you're lookin' at country!"

she is completely healed and has regrown all of her feathers. we couldn't take her back to the coop so we had let her recoup outside of the coop in the house in a lined box. we keep it real here.

she goes out around 6 in the morning and stays out all day until around 6 at night. she will climb the stairs and poke her head in the screen door when it is time to roost. her coopbox now has a permanent home inside the built-in hamper in the bathroom.

brooklyn, our blind schipperke girl, had pushed through the screen door twice and i have decided to leave it unrepaired this time for a while longer. we adopted her ten years ago as an adult dog and she is entitled to any screenwrecking that she wants to do.

this photo screams all kind of white trash, but i am already over it.

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