Tuesday, November 01, 2011

dia de los muertos


i am a texas girl and tried to run away from this little texas town that still has horse hitches on the town square and on the street curbs. as fast as i ran away twenty-five years ago, i ran back even faster three years ago for a little healing, the making of a new chapter and a better version of me. when i was little, i don't remember the celebration of dia de los muertos. it wasn't celebrated in school and it should have been. now, the history and heritage is taught and celebrated. that, my friends, is freaking awesome.

saturday night, i went to a dia de los muertos celebration at my high school art teacher's home. her altar was beautiful with photos of her parents, aunts and uncles who have passed on. her altar inspired me to make a mini-version in my phone niche. early on sunday morning, i woke up and got my scissors out and started cutting. the silver bits is from a foil wrapper of a cracker bag, so i know that you have something to altar it up.

craftsy altar

i brought out photos of my grandparents and my Homeboy. making this shrine really was a perfect way to spend time thinking about my grandparents and what they instilled in me.

sugar skull

next year, i am making sugar skulls. word. oh, i am putting on this face.

dia de los muertos altar

this video gives you a bigger feel of the importance of the celebration. i grew up in a house that the hot sauce had to be able to peel paint to be chipworthy. instead of leaving fruit and bread, i have left my grandparents' various peppers from my garden. i don't have any marigolds in the garden, so i improvised with bougainvillea petals. add a dash of pancho villa and we got it going on.

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