Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the well-appointed desk

1) this week has been ka-razy and i have no business getting on my blog, but i wanted to share my new business cards with you and a desk accoutrement that you too could love. no?

2)if you have taken a few secs to take my survey, i want to thank you for taking the time. every survey counts as it helps me tally up the data.

3) last graduate semester was registered for on monday. i still have another year of schooling as i finish up my post-baccalaureate for all-level art education. let's clink coffee mugs, shall we?

4) i am so in love with the well-appointed desk. it doesn't seem like a blog, but more of a watering hole for geeks who love everything officey.

5) and cheers to our araucana hen (aka "") who is on the mend from being almost henpecked to death by the two barred rock hens. we found her bleeding without feathers. after mending in the bathtub (i know, white trash, right?) for four days, she is now taking sun during the day and cooping in a box at night. vv had renamed her 'helen feather' when we thought that they had pecked her eyes out but she opened them on sunday. she is now just "helen". moral of the story:: chickens are just mean girls with beaks.

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