Sunday, September 18, 2011

thankYouJesused all the way home

and then it rained unless you have known drought, you can't possibly know the joy of rain. rain has no bad side. you can shoot it from behind, from the left, the right. it just smiles and tells you to knock yourself out.

it had been forecast, but we live in a state that rottweiler puppies fall into cracks in dry backyards. a state of serious raindoubt. after i got off work, we had to do errands and the clouds came marching in. when college kids in HEB are smiling because of rain, you know you are in serious need of it.

if the little piggy that went to the market lived in texas and successfully maneuvered the cracks in his own backyard, he probably would have thankYouJesused all the way home, like we did. weeweeweeing simply doesn't cut it.

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nikkipolani said...

Having been through several droughts, I can appreciate your joy in raindrops. Especially after the weeks and weeks (and weeks) of 100+ temperatures. That is something we don't have here. Hoping your garden revives a little bit in the nourishing rain.