Saturday, August 13, 2011

a yessable nowhere

1) this week, the last of summer teaching ended. yesterday was the last of the meetings. one week off before fall semester starts up again. (thesis won't be finished until may.)

2) *sigh* a week off. it will be spent playing nursemaid to a girl who will be fourwisdomteethless, praying for rain, courseplanning and making things in my studio. the above collaged and sewn journalpocket is something that i am starting to play with.

3) two weeks ago, i deleted my personal facebook account and haven't missed it one bit. i didn't have time to spend on facebook, so what was the point?

4) this blog might be next. if you read it, please let me know and when i do move it, i will contact you.

5) a big kiss to the weekend with my girl eliza doolittle and a delicious destiny's child cover with cocknbullkid.


A bird in the hand said...

Facebook, I completely agree.
If your move from here, please let me know.

mariepear said...

love the shoutout to eliza doolittle! i love her as well.
keep me posted if you move, i adore this blog.

nikkipolani said...

I know you aren't here often, but love it when you post. Hope you have a wonderful week, Dawn.

Val said...

I always read your blog. :)

I had all four wisdom teeth removed Labor Day weekend 2002. Empathy!

Love and Best Wishes,


martha brown said...

I'm always here, watching and waiting :)
I adore Eliza Doolittle!

Knightsparkle said...

I don't know how some women wear so many hats - artist, wife, mom, student, breadwinner - and still manage to practice their art, photograph their art, list and sell their art, and blog regularly. Whew! I certainly have a difficult time juggling my portion of all of that. However, I try to find a little quiet time every day to read my favorite blogs. Yours is one of them. Please include me on your list if you move! Thanks - you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Dawn - Linda in Dallas,
Please let me know if you move your blog

Anonymous said...

Hm...^&$%$ blogger is giving me problems commenting.

Don't leave me forever - I need some kind of regular dose of dawn.

this is fiwacakes, in case it makes me post it as anonymous.

Sis said...

I'm a faithful one. Don't forget to tell me if you hike over somewhere else!