Tuesday, August 16, 2011

motherlove and fathercash

today, i will be doing a lot of reading since i will be watching over the girl while she is on the mend from oral surgery. one of my favorite things to do is listen to other women. their tips, the books they read and their dailies fascinate me. one of the book recommendations that came out of such an interchange was lost and found:unexpected revelations about food and money. i had never heard of geneen roth before this book.

"while i realize it is a gross oversimplification to associate food with mothers and money with fathers – and that there are many other factors involved in one's relationship with both food and money besides the stereotypical associations of mothers with caretaking and fathers with worldly support – it's worth pausing for a moment to explore the effect that our fathers have on the way we approach financial decisions in our lives and with our partners."

it might be oversimplifying, but i see this parallel in my life. roth goes on to write about the two types of people – restrictors and permitters, be it eating, finances, joy, etc.

apparently, i have been living under a rock like the dude in the geico commercial, but geneen roth's women food and God: an unexpected path to almost everythingis next on the reading list.

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