Friday, April 08, 2011

there are hussies and then there are hussies

peggy martin
this is the promised peggy martin.
one. rose. and. all. of. this. oohandaah.

peggy martin up close
and to think that i had called madame alfred carriƩre a hussy. peggy martin gets afternoon shade and still does this. oh, and she wasn't in full bloom yet when i shot this yesterday.

maggie and madame isaac periere on fence
maggie and madame isaac periere

bubble bath
bubble bath

perle d'or
perle d'or


the garden is really hitting its stride this spring. i lost three trees (meiwa kumquat, meyer lemon tree, and an olive) with the deep freezes this winter, yet didn't lose one bougainvillea or the palm. the nightblooming jasmine even came back. crazy.

i have so much to do this weekend, but hope to get a peach and plum tree planted. also, take some more photos of the kitchen gardens. we already have baby tomatoes and need to mulch the potager again.


Sonny Vaughn said...

Peggy Martin is beautiful but scary Dawn! Gotta keep an eye on mine with pruners in hand.

nikkipolani said...

Sorry about your lost trees -- I have been wanting to grow two of those. PM is gorgeous and perfect on your fence.