Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the chokey


the first thing that i did when the holidays began was start reorganizing the pantry. okay, i was avoiding my studio, but enough on that already. the pantry aka the chokey was one of the top instant favorite things about this house when we first walked into it before i bought it.

the goal had been to keep whittling down kitchen and pantry items until the chokey became an appliance locker -slash- holder of all things edible. things on the counter and i do not get along so well. the perfect morning is to wake up and have all dishes clean and ready to put up and nothing out on the counters or worktable.

aka 'the chokey'

finally, the toaster oven has its own space. i repurposed a vintage light that i had in the garage and now the chokey is in fine working order.


jackie said...

Can I just say - ooooooo. ahhhhh.

I love me a clean uncluttered countertop too!

nikkipolani said...

Beautiful. I keep looking in there, wondering what meals will emerge :-)

Sis said...

Can I say I'm just a teensy bit envious of your screen door? haha