Saturday, November 13, 2010

dress up + dress down

dress up when you dress down

stuff fascinates me.

stuff that you hold on to, stuff that you can get rid of in two seconds flat, stuff that has more value than the actual value itself, stuff that you would carry on your back until the final unload, hopefully, at heaven's gate --- it is interesting to see what people keep and why.

the past four years has been a continued finetuning of what to live with and what not to live with and the repurposing of those useful 'to keep' items to other useful areas of the house. for some reason, i have never taken a photo of my dress up + dress down cabinet. every time that i look at it, it makes me happy. it had been my tea cabinet in the kitchen at the old house and at this new house, it is my industrial boudoir.

when i first cleaned the barn garage out, this hanging unit was on the wall. all it needed was a little spit shine. i left the old nails on it and it has proven to be utilitarian once again.

the terrazzo tops were found in los angeles at our first apartment on south serrano avenue and traveled the country with us for twenty-four years. more amazing than their durability is that they made the cut in all of those years of what to keep and use. now, they are a perfect doublestacked counter for this cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Love you. xo JFAP

Sis said...

You have the cutest sense of style ever. I love it.