Friday, October 29, 2010


patty pan squash

1) semesterwork makes me one horrid blogger. speaking of semesters, i registered for my second to last semester of graduate school this week. this 60-hour program has slowly dwindled itself down to a whispered hallelujah!

2) we have been eating a lot of roasted squash soups lately and these patty pan squashes will be next.

3) if you can get your paws on david sedaris' new book, do it. animal fables? i immediately knew that it would suck bigtime or rock the casbah. it rocks the casbah.

4) the idea of not eating anything from a package doesn't sound like such a great idea when you think that halloween candy comes in packages. *sigh*

5) dogs are überwonderful and when i found this dancing one, i knew that you would have to see for yourself.

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