Monday, August 23, 2010

counter intelligence

kitchen workspace

i need your counter intelligence.

when i bought this sweet little home, i didn't have to do anything to it, except for interior painting. the pantry with the old screen door and the chippy enamel sink sold me. okay, everything sold me from the front rock wall to the back stairs. the house was kept to its period and i will be forever grateful to the family who owned it before me.

the one thing that i have been wanting to do is change the ochre formica counters and the "turd in a snowstorm" brown backsplash. (you can see it in the reflection in the mirror.) i really want butcherblock counters and retile the backsplash to white subway tiles and bring it back to more of a period look.

do you love your counters? what do you have? can you post a photo or a link to them? do you have butcherblock and hate it? do you have butcherblock and love it?


Have Myelin? said...

Don't have butcher block or any experience with it but do have experience with an idea I suggested to Mom...and it was a rockin' success!

Since I know you are very creative I can only imagine what you'd do with this.

Anyway this was about 30 years ago- the carpet in the bathroom was ruined but she didn't want to put down traditional flooring. We thought and thought... I came up with the idea of tearing paper bags into large random pieces and modge-podging them right on top of the floor. She then sealed it with I think 10 coats of varnish. It lasted about 20 years!

Now it's 2010... I think we have a wealth of materials to work with and with your talents, wow! =)

Sis said...

Couple of things - first, I don't have butcherblock countertops now but when I was married the first time, we remodeled a little 12x60 trailer and when we tore down a wall between the kitchen and living room, we put in a counter/bar to serve as a table, and all the kitchen counters were butcherblock. I absolutely LOVED it. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to do it there in your kitchen, Dawnie. It would fit perfectly.

That being said, when we get started on this new house, I'm either putting in granite or concrete countertops in the kitchen, and I'm actually leaning toward concrete. Fun, huh!