Friday, July 09, 2010

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when God gives you rain, you do the thankythanky dance and build yourself a boat. this summer has been insanely wonderful due to the rainfall and continued storm watches.

one of the extra projects that we do in my class is stencil cutting. i made this shirt this week in honor of summer rain and the last critique of summer I. my students rocked (and continue to rock) the freaking casbah and i hope that they continue cutting and working by hand.


in a computer-driven world, we seem to forget the merit of working by hand. i hope they go blow their mad skills like dandelion parachute seeds into the creative wind.
monday, i get to meet my new students. yeah, boi!


Marilyn said...

Wow, I'm really in awe of such precise cutting! I'm loving the red color, too.

I agree, any time it rains in July is a celebration.

Sis said...

I hear ya! Keep on coming, rain...

Looking forward to hearing about this new crop of dandelions you get on Monday. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool cuts, Dawn. Love that color juxtaposition, too :-) Happy new student-meeting!

Lisa H said...

I love that image.
If the kids want to raise some bucks, I'll buy shirts!
originals? I said: Oh PLEASE.
p.s. you must be the best teacher ever. Ever. EVER.