Friday, July 30, 2010

futura and a fivespot

futura cut by hand

1) this week, i cut another alpha to play with. paul renner's 1927 futura and its pointypoints still send me to the moon and back. i totally scored about eight flat mac keyboard boxes which i am going to upcycle into type drawers to store my carved fonts.

2) "i love our life. i wake up happy and i go to bed happy." has to be the best music that a mother could hear. it even tops joni mitchell.

3) this summer has woken up the priority of truly living life.

4) little coupe died a week ago. she was too tiny to survive, but we tried to save her. coupe is buried with shadowboxer in the corner of the garden that we now call the cattycorner.

5) the weekend is gonna be the best weekend ever. after work, it will be spent in the studio and the garden. oh, and in the kitchen, too.


nikkipolani said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about little Coupe -- such a sweet little face. Your weekend is sounding like heaven.

Sis said...

So sad about Coupe. But she was loved lots in those hours, I just know it. If cats smile, she was smiling. :)

Your weekend does indeed sound like heaven. I think I might taste a bit of it too, here in my place.
(and I'm wondering what's brewing in that kitchen of yours?)