Monday, July 19, 2010


found in the coop

friday was booboo's 19th birthday. it is hard to believe that my little boy is nineteen years old. it is so nice to have him home for a long weekend and hanging out with his familia.

on saturday morning, i went out to feed and water the chickens and i saw something crawling in the hay in the coop. we have never seen a kitten this tiny. she was covered in fleas and we have no idea how she got in there.

the first bath

in the warm sun

after her first bath, we named her coupe and she is eating by eyedropper. berlin took one whiff and said "oh, hells to the no.", but he will have to scoot over and share a little bit with this little peanut.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Coupe! Hey, cats know where the kind-hearted people live. Loving those tiny bearclaws.

And hope B had a great b-day.

Marilyn said...

Coupe's in good hands, now.

I can't help but think that on the anniversary of B's birth, you have given the gift of life to this tiny kitten.

roomie said...

Tell Berlin if he needs more attention, he's always welcome in Calif.

Lisa H said...

You are Mother Nature incarnate.
How adorable is that little Baby.
I'd say she hit the New Family lottery.

Sis said...

That's enough to bring smiling tears. :)

Happy birthday to Boothe, and welcome baby Coupe.