Saturday, May 29, 2010

ordered jetsam

ordered jetsam

when i laid out the garden, i wanted to separate the existing brick patio from the rest of the garden and planted four dwarf pittosporums divided into two border dividers to segue into the garden. a poofier boxwood, if you will. this path border is slowly morphing with jetsam found in the garden. the order of it and the one that we are establishing here has helped me to slowly morph, too.

living a simple life has been foremost on my brain for the past three years. when school is in session, simple flies out the door and it becomes a bit manic with the balancing act of three jobs and nine hours of graduate study each semester. oh, and add mothering two legged creatures (and the fours). yet, even then, there are moments of clarity of why.

when i get off work today, i am officially on vacation for an entire week before school starts up again and i have big plans for life redux this week. the outcome will be one that you can't see, but one that we can feel with daily living. the barn is getting it first thing tomorrow morning and then i will make my way back into the house. i cannot wait to use the gift of time to torque up the efficiency and pleasure of this home.


Sis said...

What a 3 year journey you've had on this road so far. Simplicity is my destination too.

nikkipolani said...

Pitts come in dwarf? Cool :-)

I like that: simplicity as a goal.

Marilyn said...

In just 1 week, you will probably accomplish more than I could in 3 weeks. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)