Sunday, April 04, 2010


pyracantha blossoms
an Easter has never meant more and a spring has never been needed so badly. the garden has obviously found her party shoes under her bed.

i am so in lurve with this pyracantha which is espaliered on the back of my back steps. she is today's covergirl for my garden and the roses are probably thinking 'bitch, watch yourself.'

madame alfred carriere
madame alfred carriere against my window (the one on the garage is about to pop, too.)

front bed


loropetalum & salvia
loropetalum and her bestie, salvia

blue bonnets
i sowed these bluebonnet seeds in november and am so in love with these lupines.

coral honeysuckle
coral honeysuckle

granny smith apple blossoms
granny smith apple blossoms

abraham darby
my boifriend, abraham darby

jerusalem sage
jerusalem sage

the incense passiflora has not come back yet. lamarque will be covering the coop within a year.

lamarque white climbing rose
the noisette lamarque

katy road pink aka carefree beauty
katy road pink

mrs. b.r. cant
mrs. b.r. cant
(clearly, a could)

behind the fence
my hedge of mrs. b.r. cant have been popping for a while and the other roses are showing themselves, too. the musk bubble bath is just about to burst.

after the harsh winter, i sadly said goodbye to my bougainvilleas, but gladly said hello to them again friday morning. new growth is coming from the roots, even though the canes were destroyed by the freezes.

rebirth. how apropos for this weekend.


Marilyn said...

And a beautiful covergirl, she is. With all the snow/rain we've had this winter, well...the Spring flowers are beyond gorgeous!!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

nikkipolani said...

I thought I'd left a comment earlier... but I'll just leave another :-)

So good to see your garden thriving along with you. That Lamarque is calling my name. I have Sombreuil but not in a sunny enough spot, poor thing.

Sis said...

And so the love affair with Abe begins...again...

Your garden is surely the breath of fresh air for your neighborhood. I was just thinking how lucky your street is. :)

KathyA said...

Your garden is amazing!!! We're not quite there, yet, it'll be a couple of weeks, I think before the roses flush -- but we're getting there. What a blessing spring is this year!