Friday, December 25, 2009

the power of paint

the after:
and light

after my final paper was submitted last sunday, i started the task of repainting and reflooring babygirl's room. this year proved her metal and i am so proud of her. she most certainly deserved the redo to usher in the new decade.

all four walls (and ceiling!) had been painted in a dark scandinavian blue which took two coats of high-hiding primer and two coats of paint. it isn't a small coincidence that there is pain in the word painting, but as they should say -- no painting, no gainting. she picked out silver leaf which turned out to be a tad more bluer than we expected.

the power of paint is remarkable, isn't it?

laying a floor is something that i have never attempted, but with some youtube tutorials and numerous trips to lowe's, i quickly got the hang of it. xmas eve was spent finishing up the floor and it still needs the perimeter-gluing and mitered quarter round edging, but tomorrow is another day.

i am certainly not a carpenter and suffer greatly from carpenter tourette's, but dang it, if it didn't turn out to be superloverly. she is so happy with it. now, on to bringing the rest of the furniture back into it this morning and setting up her workspace.

the power of paint

oh, and the before:
vaughn's room

merry Christmas to you and yours!


A bird in the hand said...

A job well done, and I don't mean just the painting...

Merry Christmas, girlita!

KathyA said...

Absolutely lovely!

Sis said...

Oh, I like both wall paint colors! LOL

Beautiful. The floor looks divine.

fiwa said...

That looks fantastic! High Five!
I really like the bedding too... you are so smart, that's two different layers of dust ruffle isn't it? Dang, I would never have thought about that - thank you for the idea and the solution to a problem!

love & stuff!

Marilyn said...

I burst out laughing about the word "pain" in painting! Ain't that the truth. lol

I think the room's new look is pure perfection. Love the western pillow cases!