Wednesday, August 05, 2009

a colander full of clarity


there are summers (and years) that don't budge from their number one spot in your mind. two summers ago, it was all about survival, regrouping and reclassification. last summer was three long months of moving and the making of yet another home. this summer has been one of refining clarity.

1. since i didn't renew my bulkstore card in may, my life seems simpler now. though, i do miss having four pounds of butter in my freezer at the ready.
2. life isn't all about the cereal anymore.
3. we have been finding recipes that woo us and we cook together. i love that my daughter has that key.
4. seriously, i cannot wait until julie & julia comes out. i can't wait to see how nora twines those two books together.
5. we both realize that home is where you can take a deep breath and unhunch yourself.

clarity is good.


Sis said...

I giggled at your butter comment, lol!

All I can say is, good on you.

nikkipolani said...

This summer -- a bowl full of cherries. I'm so glad you're unhunching.

Kathy said...


A bird in the hand said...

I hope you've seen Julie & Julia by now. I made me want to rush into my kitchen, start cooking, and eat!