Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the first of firsts

first sandwich of the season

i don't know if there is anything better than a sandwich from the garden, except a sandwich from the garden in the garden. cheers to the first sandwich of the season!

yesterday was spent finetuning my syllabus and the dailyplanning for the summer sessions and making the end-of-school gifts for the teachers, office and busdriver. the last of the litter is officially a freshman! it seemed like yesterday that she was starting kindergarten and now she is staring at the first of high school.


if you haven't seen the pilot episode of glee, it is a must. we both have been singing journey since we watched it and she is hoping for eyecandyteachers, come august.


Sis said...

Glee is a big thing around here, too, lol. And since I've always loved Journey, it's fine with me.

VV a freshman? Woot! Stevie graduated a couple weeks ago, can you believe it? Where do de time go? lol

Your sandwich looks scrumptious! I can't wait for the first garden tomato...

Sis said...

BTW - I can't believe you cut the crusts off! They are the best part of the bread! LOL

(Although I suspect some feathery little ladies are the recipients, and in that case, cut them all off!)

Kathy said...

Life sounds good -- from the first sandwich from the garden, to "Glee", to our children reaching maturity as happy and healthy adults.

nikkipolani said...

GLORIOUS! That sandwich is a work of art, Dawn :-)

BR said...

That adorable baby girl is entering HS ? Wow! Time sure does fly. Hope everything in your world is wonderful.

Marilyn said...

My mouth is watering! Just the sight of home grown tomatoes and basil will do it.

MJFredrick said...


I remember her first day of kindergarten, too!

Anonymous said...

That is a hard one to believe! Congratulations to VV from me. And Yes, the sandwich looks ultra yummee! Love, JFAP

Lisa H said...

GLEE made me scream with delight. Can't wait for the show to start up in the fall.

I met the soundboard guy for JOURNEY in a store where I worked after my shop closed. He was clothes shopping with his wife. Handsome (REALLY handsome) and so sweet. He had a seriously embroidered jacket, obviously professionally stitched. I asked him about it and he shyly fessed up. I made him sign my sales book.

That tomato sandwich is stunning. Can a sandwich be stunning? yours is.

Gin said...

Yum! That sammie looks soooo goooood!

Firsts are always wonderful and sometimes poignant.

P.S. You got a lot of points for making da bus driver a present. :)