Tuesday, May 26, 2009

in honor of milkpigs and birthdaygirls


theodore finn, our favorite milkpig, was three weeks on saturday.

it is hard to believe that lucy mae is two years old today. she came to our life with my daughter's simple request on the day that our life changed its course with 'mom, can i have a black puppy?' (she really was black when she was a puppy.)


lucy mae makes me very grateful that i said 'whatever babygirl wants is what babygirl gets!' happy birthday, lucy mae!


Babsarella said...

Awwwe...such sweetness. Love the snuggly pups. And...birthday wishes to miss Lucy Mae.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy Mae!

Marilyn said...

I remember when Lucy Mae came into your life. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday, Lucy Mae.

I can't believe how big Theodore is! From the looks of the picture, it looks like Lucy Mae is taking her nurturing, sisterly duties seriously! :-)

Brad said...

I can almost smell that sweet puppy breath from here - congrats!

Sis said...

Sweet. Both.

Anonymous said...

AWE! Too sweet. JFAP