Saturday, April 18, 2009


the succulent tray

i thought that i was the resilient succulent with great pride of my reliance on none and my defiance of the lack-ofs. yet, now i am besotted with rain and rethinking my viewpoint entirely. there really isn't anything better than waking up to rain, except for going to bed to the sound of rain and waking up to it, as well.

at six this morning, i found myself in my english pajamas (come to think of it, they are probably made in china) and my favorite striped galoshes (which are probably made next door to the pajamafactory) from one of my favorite someones and rethinking splashguards in the gardenbeds against the house in the dark with a cup of coffee in the other hand.

splashguards = rain
rain = happy
happy = candles at four in the afternoon
candles at four in the afternoon = tea chased with jameson's
tea chased with jameson's = blaring of rufus wainwright
blaring of rufus wainwright = equaled blaring of nikka costa
equaled blaring of nikka costa = painting in the green room
painting in the green room = a perfectly wonderful saturday evening

one could say that
splashguards = a perfectly wonderful saturday evening
at 6 am in the morning.


realityphotography said...

your biofeedback = chill.

good for you. 'bout time.

Marilyn said...

Ahhhh, rain during a drought=liquid gold! Bet your garden is loving it.

Sounds like a perfect Saturday!

Kathy said...

If I know it's going to rain, I open the window beside the bed so I can hear it and wake up to it. It IS marvelous!

valerie said...

i can't express how much i admire your gardening skills (and motivation)! texas rain is the best!

martha brown said...

spring = rain
rain = flood in my basement
basement = art studio

but I know that my garden needs it.... so I grin and bear it, with towels and mops in hand.....

Cynjon said...

Sounds *perfect*!