Saturday, February 21, 2009

play circus

play circus

yes, that is what i want to do. i wanna play circus.

but, who are we kidding? i will be working this morning, then on to washing sheets, clothes, putting away clothes, mopping, cleaning out a coop, working on a project due next saturday, get reading done, clean out the car, teach dmitri the trick of the collar & leash and finish paying bills.

i think my own personal "trick of the collar & leash" is to embrace the simplicity of each task and romance it up a bit. i created these sheet tags off of my back ink design. once i saw all of the sheet sets with their own tags with verbs, it started to look like a house(r) brand. the linen closet is a fine start.

thinking up things

look at the dailies as pleasure and break the rote of it all. throw a little circus in there and you are good to go.


martha brown said...

I wanna play circus too -- unfortunately I have stomach flu. Nasty stuff. Love these tags though!

Kathy said...

Great advice!

Gin said...

Circus is fun...but hold the clowns please!

Sis said...

You're so amazingly smart and creative...I love these tags.

I'll take Ginni's clowns and head for the 3 rings. It'll be fun and I have enough laundry to do around here to extend their run in town!

Marilyn said...

What a cool idea! Love the way you spin your special magic-touch to every day stuff.

Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

Dawn, your spot is as digity as ever! Love the tags girlie, and you're right about the dailies....I now drink my ice water with a slice of lemon from a fancy lead crystal goblet! ;o) xoxo AndieBee