Saturday, January 03, 2009

tinseled year

new year tinsel

the new year was brought in with fire, friends and rounds of trouble, not the ooh-you-are-gonna-be-in-so-much-trouble, but in the miltonbradley sort. i don't think that i have stayed up until 6 am in years and that was the first for the womanchild, too.

this year, i can't bring myself to make any resolution, except for one. okay, two. i want to maintain my 4.0 for this next year, too.

a year ago, i had no idea that i was to apply for graduate school, contemplate picking up and moving, actually doing just that, rehoming us and digging deep again. do we really want to know what is ahead of us? maybe, being fed slivers of an apple from a knife is easier to digest than the whole shinysweet apple at once.

the weather is insanely wonderful today. we have already done the vet appointment for dmitri, cleaned the chicken coop, washed and folded clothes (hot out of the dryer which is a first in maybe a year!) and thinking about taking the tree down.

this year is gonna be so bright that we will need shades or just more tinsel to throw on the glitterflame. happy new year!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Happy new year!

machinarex said...

Yay for late nights (early mornings?) and a belated happy new years to you!

Sis said...

(that was me blowing a new year's horn)


nikkipolani said...

What a gorgeous shot, Dawn. You are so full of hope -- may they and a bundle of unexpected goodness meet you in 2009! Oh, and congrats on that 4.0 in 2008 -quite a feat given all the changes in your life.

Gin said...

Have you ever made a "Vision Board" dawnie? If not, look it up on google and get thee busy!! You would love it!!

Sounds like you started the new year off just right!

bughugs my dear friend

~S said...

Happy New Year! Hope it's a great one!

Marilyn said...

4.0! Why am I not surprised! :-)

Congrats on keeping your eye on the prize.

Lisa Hoffman said...

Darling D,
I have a book and it's only purpose is to track my New Years Resolutions....that, and things that I say to myself ABOUT the year. This is the first year I'm thinking that I may not "resolve" one new thing. Not one. Oh yeah, I might just resolve to really, really just let it ALL be.
tossing kisses and knowing that your 4.0 will continue to roar onward!
I'd take a class with you any day!

Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

My girl Dawndiggity! I vote for stokin that glitterflame to a ragin inferno! I wish you a New Year so fantastic you can hardly stand yourself. lol You are one splendifferous shero, darlin'....I'm proud of you and proud to count you amongst my friends. :o)