Monday, January 26, 2009



thankfully, the emergence from the chrysalis is so gradual. there had been days and sometimes years that she had to look to me for the right word or emotion to pull out of the bag. sometimes it was quite overwhelming for her. it is just plain hard to be a little girl.

the sweet emotion in those heavy little shoulders in this photo and the bravery to bury her head when she was overwhelmed still brings a tear to my eye.

in front of our first garden in new hampshire

when she found her beams, i was so grateful to ride the draft of them. as a mother, there is nothing more gratifying to hold your daughter who has found her own voice, her own feelings and her own thoughts. she can choose her own path and has planned her next four years in high school. *sigh*

butterfly, you make me so proud.


Sis said...

Aw, Dawniegirl, hold on to every high school moment; I can testify that they are gone in about 4 months, rather than 4 years. My butterfly is morphing into college this year. *sympathy sigh*

Kathy said...

My butterflies are now holding onto their own.

Marilyn said...

That first picture brought a tear to my eye, too. There is nothing worse than seeing a child in pain!

Your butterfly has a strong, wonderful role model in you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dawn & VV on the next chapters of your lives! It is hard to believe --- time flies swiftly and so very fast --- butterfly.

Gin said...

What sweet photos. They are messing up my makeup!! LOL Cherish every precious moment Dawnie, even after they become distant memories. They will get you thru.


diane said...

Oh, what cool pictures! And, of course, I love those shoes =)
I know exactly what you are saying my dear Dawn. My little butterfly is still in San Antonio, and lovin' it~ xoxoxox

Jill said...

that is just how i remember her...send me an email, friend...i miss your face :)

A bird in the hand said...

Suqeeze my heart, why don't you. Precious xxooxx

valerie said...

these photos are beautiful! you guys are so lucky to have each other. hope you're doing well!

Real Live Lesbian said...

How special to have a mother like you!

I love the pics. So emotional, both of them!

LisaHoffman said...

I knew you even when that photo was shot. Wow. I was in Colorado running at top speed raising my Micah, you were encircling that Baby Girl and her 2 brothers. Yipes.
Watching V continue to grow into herself?..priceless. Wish that I was closer for a ringside seat!

A bird in the hand said...

The photo makes me want to run over and hug the both of you. xxoo

The Landscaper said...

Hey girl,
I am making a comment while you are talking to Deb in the other room. I feel so lucky to have you and VV as apart of our lives. It is so much fun
to watch how you both grow and change.Just wish it was a bit slower.