Wednesday, October 08, 2008

tiny breather

meyer lemon

between required reading, classes, work, projects and a motherlife still to lead, life is crazybusy. one of the things that i have to do in between it all is to just take a breather in the garden. there was a reason that i was maniacgardening & rockhauling this summer. obviously, so i could stop myself when this crazytrain schedule started.

i lost a lot of special plants & treasured cuttings in the move & in transplanting. *sigh* yet, i am so grateful for the things that made it. my small meyer lemon tree made it.

coral bougie

my coral bougainvillea made it...and it wasn't looking like it would, too. yippers! she is a lovely beast and so beautiful against the white house.

taking flight

the shampoo ginger, rangoon creeper, cestrum nocturnum and a few roses made the move, too. now, the garden is just starting to get all cozy & all up in your grill. i planted lamarque, reve d'or and buff beauty to grow into fragrant shade for the hens next summer.

september 30

i have at least one little pumpkin growing from these sugar pie pumpkins. (i am forever grateful for going back for one more of those plants!) fingers crossed that that pumpkin gets fat before the first freeze. one of my bestest friends brought me two meiwa kumquat trees (and loads of succulents) and they flank the grill i can't wait to see them grow in the upcoming year.

over the holidaybreak, i will be working on the other half of the back garden which will be the kitchen garden and the other half of the front garden... but until then, there is some bookcracking to do, but these tiny breathers keep me sane.


Ginni Dee said...

I'm so glad you have at least a few of your faves from your old garden and glad you have tiny breathers...they are a very necessary to a busy life.


Marilyn said...

You're starting to weave your magic touch on that new garden, as well as the house. It's looking more and more like's looking more and more like Home.

Congrats for keeping all those balls in the air, and not dropping any.

Brad said...

You inspire me. Sense I can't real garden this time of year I'm going to commit myself to get my raised bed built this fall.

Did you ever find a calling for that silk?

Miss & heart you!


fiwa said...

I heart sugar-pie-pumpkins.

Girl - that looks outstanding already.

Love you, sugarpie.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It's looking very lush.

Sis said...

Coffee in that garden would be a deeeep breather for just about anyone. I can see why you love it, with the beauty and the cluckcluck of chickies.

diane cook said...

Oh, I love, love your pictures. Things are lookin' up =)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm missing so many of the beauties that I left when I sold my house. What a beautiful garden you have!

machinarex said...

Someday, I *will* come visit you and your garden.

Now that I'm not travelling for work any longer (as of two weeks ago!) I'm antsy for *next* spring to get here!

Kathy said...

Your garden is wondrous! I love it!
One year after just throwing the remnants of our Halloween pumpkins in the compost, we had pumpkin vines everywhere -- and soon, pumpkins growing up trees. It was amazing.
I just harvested 14 lemons from my Meyer lemon tree (I have to bring it inside from October to April). I made a mile-high lemon meringue pie with just two of the lemons and it's already got a dozen or so blooms on it. Kathy