Sunday, August 24, 2008



the past couple of weeks have been manic with the i have to get this down before school starts!s and the gotta get that done!s. add the final trips of the move and top with graduate orientation with its overwhelming thesisspeak and you have something that can only be calmed down yesterday with baby chickens. okay, it is girl logic, but we can get over it.

the sweet boy at the feed store said that the best way to socialize these pullets was to keep them in the house for a few weeks, so add socializing and you got a house on the crazytrain. this morning, we had to build a chick condo out of boxes, but this all gets clearer when you walk in and you see babygirl with her nose in a book and a chick in her lap. chic(k)lit at its finest.

(from the bottom right corner, clockwise: jasper, cornelia, maebelle, fiona, grace and rosalie)

we needed bebelife in the house to calm the squall of the schoolstorm. sometimes, you just do.


Sis said...

You did it.

I'm so happy for you!

Now I'm waiting for that first egg...I'll be webtasting it along with you...

PS - is it Cornelia looking so saucily at you? She's my fav...

valerie said...

these little guys are so precious! as i'm typing this, i hear a rooster down the street. i feel there are too many stray cats in my hood to have chickens.

your new babies are fuzzy n' cute! they'll bring you much happiness...

nikkipolani said...

Like Sis, i have chicken-envy. Just came from seeing Ginni's beautiful Easter eggs.

Ginni Dee said...

Oh Dawn, you did it!!! Wooohoooo...I couldn't be happier for you!! They are all adorable! What breeds are they? Looks like you might have a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock fer sure. Maybe even an Easter Egger (the one with eyeliner) Can't tell what the others are. A colorful flock!!! I'm jumping for joy!!

Maggie, Amelia, Emma, Abbie, Lucy, Rosemary, Louise, Betty, Clarissa, Jackie and GreenTie said to tell your girls hi!!

Check my blog post for today's ...I have started getting eggs from my girls and the Easter Eggers are laying beautiful turquoise eggs and someone laid a HUMONGOUS egg!! Photos of them are in my blog.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love the chick lit joke.

And your chicks look adorable.

Brad said...

Chicks in a box are better than TV anyday.

Hours of comedic fun!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

That lil chickie is tres chic with her eyeliner.....they're adorable!

MizCarla said...

oh my those baby chickees are adorable. You are something else Miz D! Is there anything you can't do super girl?

sending big love to you
I'm very proud of you--and happy to know you!