Friday, July 25, 2008

the boy before the cart

the door and her window

the goal for sunday is to be able to walk from the back door to the front door in the dark without tripping over a box. i am halfway there and will keep working until i get there. not getting it done is not an option, cuz i have the last & final uhaul trip on monday.

i was just in the kitchen finding homes for more things and i was so distracted by the big dustbunny that kept moving behind the coffee bar with the fan's breeze. i kept thinking it was one of my black cats. blogging is the only thing that could distract me from the noncat issue. thank God for the great circle of distraction.

dunno about you, but i make little hoops that i have to jump through. oh, if you do this, you will get to do this or if you unpack your life, you are ready for a boyfriend.

maybe, i am.

a little less than two weeks ago, i realized that i was still preserving myself high on a shelf behind my stash of bonne maman preserves. maybe, for a lost apology that got crossed in the mail or a post-it note of realization tied to the broom on my front porch. in my heart, i really believed in forever, but in my head, the idea of now tastes just as sweet.

excuse me while i keep unpacking.
carrots are overrated.


Brad said...

The window of that door is begging for some cobalt blue stained glass - shall I tempt you with some of Jay's peices ?

Sis said...

I am loving your glass doorknobs - I have some of those here in my little house.

And I am loving watching you unpack your life again. It's looking mighty good and traveling in a box behind jars of preserves didn't hurt it one single bit.

A bird in the hand said...

Now is the best time in your life.

karenleigh said...

such a beautiful post.

diane cook said...

O, how i've missed u~

fiwa said...

You must dream about unpacking boxes at night. Just for now, be happy. Love you, sweet girl.


CrystalChick said...

Visiting by way of Fiwa.
Love that chinese lamp. You have a neat style. :)
Happy day, Mary

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Hellluurrr my bloggity friend! That hallway of yours is a beautiful thang sweetcheeks....just like YOU! xoxo