Wednesday, May 07, 2008

nineteen minutes

this is the last bit of the calm before the storm of downsizing, packing, selling and the etc before the premove & move. it deserved a book and i got my paws on jodi picoult's nineteen minutes and it is blogworthy. (anything with -worthy in front of it reminds of seinfeld's spongeworthy episode.) if you can get your mitts on it, do it. so far, it is a fabulous read.


Sis said...

Another recommendation I'll have to get... (O:

I tagged you - this one's about a book, I'd really love to see which you'd choose - and if you've done this before, just link to your blogpost, I'd love to read it! Check out my 05/07 blogpost...

fiwa said...

I love JP- I'm gonna head to B&N and see if I can find this to take with me on the plane! I didn't know she had a new one out.