Friday, May 02, 2008

the kind i like to hike

a brooklyn mountain

okay, so maybe lucy mae was visualizing italian cookies yesterday. who knew?

i came home from work and found a box from my beloved brooklyn. seriously now. not just from brooklyn, but from an italian bakery in brooklyn. seriously seriously now.

this is the kind of stuff that makes my heart go pitterpat & my tummy go 'come to mama.'

the taste of almond, the toothfeel of a candy sprinkle, and the color of love. all with a birthday card without a clue of the giver. hmmmm.

from an italian bakery in brooklyn


fiwa said...

Damn girl! Somebody loves you!
When is your birthday? I thought I had it written on my calendar but I don't remember seeing it...

Man, I could just dive into that pile of goodness. I hope you enjoy every last crumb and piece of sugar.

Love you, Birthday Girl!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Oooohh, Lawd, chile...NOT to have your own personal Cookie Fairy!!! Happy Birthday Sweetcheeks.....hey, sugah, you missed a lil sparkly sprinkle ri'theyah....=0] xoxo

Sis said...

OK - I got dibs on the chocolate covered one in the top left corner...teehee!

Seriously, that is one tower of power. I would be jealous if it wasn't you!

Happy happy birthday, sweet thang, just when is it exactly???

~S said...

Happy Birthday! So are you another that shares my bday month? :)

lulusparkles said...

oh get out! did you find out who sent them? that is my kinda gift!
have a great birthday today dawn :)

A bird in the hand said...

It's your birthday??? Belated Happies, and watch for the mail. Not that I can rival an Italian bakery, although I do live in the city that has more Italians in the world than any city outside of Italy. xoxo

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

OMG, you are killing me with those photographs. Serious cravings going on here.

Marilyn said...

Drool, drool. What a great b'day surprise of cookie deliciousness.

Enjoy your special day.

Marilyn ( who is gazing at the cookie tower with a Lucy Mae stare)

Lisa H said...

Not the Brooklyn Bakery.
Stop it.

If I help you pack can I have a cookie?

Big Love and a mystery admirer?
Good. Very, very good.

Lisa H.

Anonymous said...

Dear D,
Do tell who the cookies from Brooklyn are from! Someone who knew your love for these obviously - what about the tatoo guy in NY? Love, JFAP

Val said...

Hey, happy birthday! :) It's going to be a wonderful year for you, especially since you seem to grow and get better/wiser/more resilient/happier/more creative all the time. :)

Ginni Dee said...

Wow, a birthday year that starts with anonymous cookies?? What better omen could there be?

Hope it's a year filled with cookies and new beginnings!

Love ya Mz. Thang