Thursday, April 03, 2008

who i iz

selfportrait collage

the assignment that i got the classes started on yesterday is a selfportrait collage which shows me who they are, how they think, images and words from magazines, basic posterboard and elmer's. at least, thirty images and no white board exposed.

i made one to show them who i was and i brought it home to blog it.


Ginni Dee said...


fiwa said...

Man, I would love to be in your class. Seriously.

devotedsatellite said...

this is so cool! i bet all of your students were freaking out about the tattoo artist. i'd love to see what some of them come up with... i agree with fiwa: i want to be in your class!

Marilyn said...

I think I want to do one, too. Love this idea!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

You'z all dat and a bowlagrits, chile! =0]
And...ummm, cheah, I wanna be a DawnHouserlicous student too! xoxo

Sis said...

I want to do one too!

Let's ALL do one and post it!

Dawn - how long did you give your students to complete it?

I'm game!

Cheryl said...

I'd be in your class in a heartbeat. What a great idea for a project.


loving it gal!!! *grin*